Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
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Week 1 (August 30)

Lecture: ASP Introduction (140 KB), VBScript Introduction (144 KB)
Labs: Lab 1, HTML and VB Review Lab (due 9/5)
Readings: Chapter 1 and ABCs of Active Server Pages, HTML Review (53 KB)
Also download, install, and review Microsoft's 32-bit VBScript Documentation Download.

Week 2 (September 6)

Lecture: ASP Response Object (66 KB); Review ASP Template; Distribute class accounts
Labs: Lab 2, Bingo Card Generator (due 9/16)
Readings: Review the ASP Response Object's properties and methods. Possible sources include MSDN,, or ASP Superexpert.  Students may also want to review/learn FrontPage usage. Possible resources include Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Tutorial , or In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 .

Week 3 (September 13)

Lecture: ASP Server Object (33 KB), Browser Capabilities Component (46 KB), Discuss the class "Shop" database; SQL Overview, slides 1-18 (213 KB); Discuss ASP Best Practices
Labs: Lab 3, Browser Detection Page and SQL Exercises (due 9/23)
Readings: Review the ASP Server Object's properties and methods (see last week for sources); Summary of Browser Detection Techniques (Microsoft)

Week 4 (September 20)

Lecture: ASP Request Object 1 (68 KB); SQL Overview (213 KB)
Labs: Lab 4, Time Conversion Page (Due 9/30)
Readings: Review the ASP Request Object's properties and methods (see week 2 for sources); Anatomy of an HTTP Request

Week 5 (September 27)

Lecture: ASP Request Object 2; SQL Overview (213 KB)
Labs: Lab 5, Form and Querystring Lab (Due 10/7)
Readings: No readings--but all previous readings could be covered in the midterm.

Week 6 (October 4)

Midterm Exam 1 (during class)
Lecture: Review of Lab 4, Lab 5, and general topics
Labs: Lab 6, Request.ServerVariables Lab (Due 10/18 [revised])
Readings: ServerVariables Collection (Microsoft)

Week 7 (October 11)

Lecture: Review Midterm 1 solution; ASP Request Object 3 (53 KB); SQL Server Overview (475 KB) 
Labs: Lab 7 (Due 10/21)
Readings: Creating Databases (Microsoft TechNet) - read lessons 1 and 2

Week 8 (October 18)

Lecture: ASP/ADO Introduction  (Slides: 1-28)(256 KB)
ASP/ADO Examples (Zip File, 311 KB)
Labs: Lab 8 - Product Information Page (Due 10/31)
Readings: Class text: chapters 3 and 4

Week 9 (October 25)

Lecture: ASP/ADO Introduction (256 KB) (Slides: 29-46); ASP/ADO Paging; Form Design Best Practices ; File Includes (48 KB)
Labs: Lab 9 - Product Search Page (Due 11/4)
Readings: Class text: Chapter 5, pgs.270-284, Chapter 9

Week 10 (November 1)

Lecture: ASP/ADO Introduction (256 KB, New) (Slides: 47-End);
Labs: Lab 10 - Customer Profile Page (Due 11/14)
Readings: Class text: Chapter 7, Chapter 10;  The lowdown on #includes (

Week 11 (November 8)

MIDTERM Exam (during class) -- covers all lectures, labs and reading assignments through Week 10
Note: Lab 10 deadline extended to 11/16
Lecture: Cookies Overview (50 KB); Cookies Demonstration Pages
Labs: Lab 11 - Cookie-based Security Page (Due 11/22)
Readings: Class text: Chapter 11

Week 12 (November 15)

Note: Lab 10 deadline extended to 11/16
Lecture: Midterm review; ASP Error Handling; Discussion of Labs
Labs: Lab 12 - Shopping Cart Pages (Due 12/3)
Readings: Review all of your ADO-related readings!

Week 13 (November 22)

Lab 8 and Lab 9 solutions posted
Lecture: OPTIONAL LECTURE -- ~1 hour lecture on FileSystemObject and demo pages. This material will not be graded or included in the final.
Labs: Lab 13 -  Order Page (Due 12/6)
Readings: None

Week 14 (November 29)

Lab 10 and Lab 11 solutions posted
Lecture:  ASP Applications (183 KB); ASP 3/IIS 5 features (52 KB); Lab time for labs 12 and 13.
Labs: Lab 12 is due December 3 and and Lab 13 on December 6. These dates will not be extended.
Readings: ASP and Web Session Management (Microsoft); Using Global.asa Correctly (ASPToday)

Week 15 (December 6)

Lecture: Instructor and Course evaluations; ASP Security Alternatives (163 KB); Miscellaneous Topics.
All grading issues through Lab 11 MUST be presented by Thursday, December 7.
Labs: Lab 13 due tonight!
Readings: SSL: Both Secure and Friendly (ASP Today).  Review ASP Best Practices Summary, which includes many of the concepts discussed in class. Don't sweat the highly technical stuff that we clearly did not cover in class.

Final Exam
Wednesday, December 13, 5:15-7:15 p.m.

Note the time change! Open book, open note, open computer. You will have the full 2 hours to complete the final. Final is cumulative, but emphasis will be on content from weeks 8-15. Similar format to both midterms.

If you are interested... (these are not required class readings)
E-Commerce Introduction Lecture from CSC120
Thoughts about getting a job (lecture from CSC120)



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