Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Lab 6 - Request.ServerVariables Lab

Create a self-referencing ASP page called default.asp in a new directory called "Lab06" that when first called, provides a form for entering the user's name and birthdate.  Upon submitting the form, the self-referencing page should confirm that the birthdate is a valid date (and provide an error message if it is not), iterate through the Form collection, and then iterate through all of the ServerVariables collection except for the ALL_HTTP and ALL_RAW variables (which output the the "raw" header information which you rarely need), and any variables dealing with client certificate information.

As always, follow page design best practices and make your user-interface clear and easy-to-use (e.g., a good title, META description element, footer, etc.).

This lab is worth 15 points and due on October 18th.  When you have completed the lab, send an email to Chris Allen indicating you are done and providing the external URL to your pages.

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