Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Lab 5 - Form and Querystring Lab

Lab 5 Solution

Part 1 - Form/Querystring Demo Page

In this page you will create a single Active Server Page that displays three different page views that use Request.Form and Request.Querystring. The user inputs a year into a form in the first view, then the second view displays the all of the months in the selected year, with hyperlinks under each month to the third view which displays details about the selected month. The links labelled "Change Year" goes back to the initial page, while the "Change Month" link goes to the the year detail page.

Create a directory called "Lab05" in your class child web with one page: default.asp. Listed below are very sparse mockups of what your page should look like. As always, follow page design best practices and make your user-interface clear and easy-to-use (e.g., a good title, META description element, footer, etc.).

Lab 8 - Screen 1

Lab 8 - Screen 2

Month Detail Page
Lab 8 - Screen 3

Part 2 - Insert and Update SQL Statements

Create a page in your Lab05 directory called "SQL.htm". Using the sample "Shop" database discussed in class, your page should list the questions below and provide a SQL statement (not the data) that would answer the question. 

1. Write a query to insert a new product:
   Catalog #2
   Name and Description: Blue Shirt Size Large
   Quantity: 50
   Price: 12.54 

2. Write a query to insert a new Customer. You may use any values for the fields but supply all of them (except the primary key).

3. Write a query to change all prices in catalog 2 increasing them by 5%.

4. Write a query to change the shipdate on all sales whose sale date is this month.

5. Delete all records in catalog 2 that have a price greater then $ 10.00 .


This lab is worth 15 points and due on Saturday, October 7th.  When you have completed the lab, send an email to Chris Allen indicating you are done, providing the URL to your pages, and use the following subject line: "CSC123, Lab5, [Your Name]"

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