Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Lab 13 - Checkout Page.

In this lab you will create a several deliverables. Explore the sample site to see examples. Again you will be building on your previous labs. This is the last step in making your e-commerce site. 
  1. General
    • Test your site very carefully. 
    • Make sure all your pages follow the form design guidelines discussed in class.
    • This is the big lab, and although it looks simple enough it is the last grade you will receive on your shopping site. All factors will be included in this and all previous labs. Points will be deducted for poor design or lack of usability.
  2. Help.[ASP|HTM]
    Create a help page, if you have not done so already with some useful contact info. Points given for creativity. 
  3. Checkout.asp
    • This page will display the current cart using the routine built last time.
    • The user will be directed to print this page and save it.
    • The user will be given a prompt to "checkout." 
    • If the user pushes/clicks on checkout:
      1. The following fields in the SALE record are set: Pending = 0, Ship Date = Some Number of Days after today.
      2. The page should then return to the home page of your shop site.

Extra Credit Opportunities 

For 5 points extra credit you can elect to handle not in stock items using some sort of consistent methodology. This method should be clear to the end users even if it only a warning e.g. "Some of your items are currently out of stock, we will make every effort to obtain them and ship them immediately, if we are unable to provide them, you will not be charged" or some such. The amount of extra credit received is a function of your overall cleverness.

For 5 points extra credit you may elect to modify your site to be a little more "e-commerce" like. In most sites you are not forced to login until checkout. In other words you can add items to your cart, etc using a temporary ID. When you check out the temporary ID is replaced in all tables with the "real" one. This is a toughie but will make your site act much more like Amazon or other shopping sites.

This lab is worth 20 points and due on December 6th.  When you have completed the lab, send an email to Chris Allen indicating you are done and providing the external URL to your pages.

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