Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Lab 8 - Product Information Form

In this lab you will begin to create the various pages of an online e-commerce application. All of the pages you create in Labs 8 through 14 will relate to this application.  Create a new directory in your class subweb called "Shop".  ALL pages you create for ALL future labs should be in this directory.  For grading purposes, make sure your pages are named exactly as instructed in this and future labs.

This lab is worth 15 points and due on October 31st [revised date].  When you have completed the lab, send an email to Chris Allen indicating you are done and providing the external URL to your pages.

A. Product Detail Page  (solution

  1. Create the product detail page (product.asp) that will take as one of its arguments the PRODUCTID from the Product table. The page must be capable of receiving argument may come from either a form field or on the query string. The parameter should be called PRODUCTID as in this URL example: 
    Obviously, our example is very plain and not customer friendly. your pages should be better.
  2. Next week we will build a product search page that will call this page.

B. The "Home Page" for your "Company" 

  1. Create a home page to look like a commerce site. 
  2. You should study several sites (e.g. Amazon, Sears, and others) to see what common navigational elements there are and the various ways customers are presented with or can search for products in preparation for next weeks lab. 
  3. All your pages for labs 8-14 will be "anchored" off this home page.
  4. For those of you who are uninspired, you may check out the simple sample at:
  5. Your site should look distinctive and should follow the best practices discussed earlier in class..

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