Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Lab 1 - HTML and VBScript Review

In this lab you will exactly replicate the HTML form below as closely as possible using Notepad or other text editor (part 1). Additionally, you will answer several questions that test your knowledge of VBScript (part 2). This assignment is to help you assess if you are ready for this class.  If you find the lab fairly difficult, you should probably not be in this class.

This assignment is worth 10 points. You will send your results as an email, which will include the answers to Part 2 and the HTML page you created in Part 1 (as an attachment). Your email should be sent to Chris Allen ( no later than Tuesday, September 5th by 3:00pm.

Part 1 - HTML Form

Use the guidelines below to develop the page.  When you are done, test the page.

  • Develop the page using page design "best practices".
  • The page should include a TITLE element and a META description element.
  • The form's "method" property should be set to "POST" and the "action" property to ""
  • The decorative color on the page borders is #66CC66.
  • The subject selection box should have three options: "Account Inquiry",   "Complaint", and "Technical Support".
  • All form fields should have meaningful, representative names.

Lab 1 Sample Form

Part 2 - VBScript Review

1. What does the MonthName() function do?

2. What string manipulation function(s) could you use to change the string "123455556789" to "123456789"?

3. What function would you use to determine whether an expression is Null?

4. What would be the value of i at the end of this code?

dim i
dim j

i = 6 mod 4
j = 0

while j < 2
  j = j + 1
  i = i + CINT(i)

5. Write the code for generating a random number between 1 and 20.

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