Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Lab 9 - Product Search Pages


In this lab you will create a self-referencing page that allows searching of all the products in your catalog.  This page will allow the user to enter a keyword or phrase (multiple adjacent words) describing a product.  Your page will then return a list of all products in your catalog that include the keyword/phrase in the product name or description, along with a link to the the appropriate product.asp page providing all details about the product.

  • You should create (insert) (You can use the linked database you made in last lab to do this!)
    1. A single record in the catalog table describing your catalog. You should use the CatalogID that matches your class number.
    2. Twenty (20) Products. Make sure that the CatalogID of the records you insert matches the CatalogID you inserted! All of the fields in the table should be filled out with reasonable numbers.
  • Your page should be called search.asp
  • Search both the ProductName and ProductDescription fields--don't forget about wildcard searching.
  • Your search should filter out all but your own catalog items! e.g. Your where clauses should contain (CatalogID = ###).
  • Your output view should provide at least the product name, stock on hand (see next bullet), and price. The product name should be a link to the relevant product.asp page for that product.
  • If the amount is stock is less then or equal to zero, you should display "Out of Stock".  If not, you should display "In Stock". You should write a function to do this.
  • Display only five records per page. Use paging as discussed in class to display long lists of results.
  • Make sure your page follows the form design guidelines discussed in class.

This lab is worth 20 points and due on November 4th.  When you have completed the lab, send an email to Chris Allen indicating you are done and providing the external URL to your pages.

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