Server-Side Web Programming with Active Server Pages
Class Rules

  • Class starts at 6:00pm sharp. There will be a 10 minute break 45-60 minutes into class. Typically the last hour of class will be lab time.
  • Students who are consistently late or absent will be docked participation points.
  • All homework will be submitted via email and/or on the class webserver as instructed.
  • Late homework will not be accepted under most circumstances. Any exceptions would involve prior approval by the instructor or a written doctor's excuse.
  • Required software: FTP client and a text editor (TextPad is suggested). Students are encouraged to use  FrontPage to access their class web and Microsoft's Personal Web Server (part of the NT4 Option Pack) if they wish do lab work at home.
  • Class web should only be used for materials related to CSC123. Do not load CGI scripts on the server. Students who make inappropriate use of or purposely hack the class webserver will be ejected from class and could be subject to the academic disciplinary process. 
  • Although the instructor will make reasonable attempts to back-up the class webserver, students are responsible for maintaining backups of all their lab files.
  • Honor code no cheating.

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