Spring 2000 – Team Project Evaluation Form
CSC120 – Building and Managing Web Sites

Team Project Name: Group 3 - XConnect.com

Project Proposal/Report: 25/30
Presentation: 12/15
Web Pages: 18/35
Peer Evaluations 8/10
TOTAL 63/90

Peer Ratings


1 (low) – 10 (high)

Site's ability to allow users to quickly identify the site's purpose and major features.


Use of a consistent navigation scheme(s) across the site/sub-sites.


Use of consistent color and style from page to page.


Ability of site to be meaningfully rendered by most web browsers.


Use of subdirectories to group content for site management and allow future growth.




Selected (and Paraphrased) Peer Comments:

Instructor Comments:

Overall: You definitely should have consulted me when you were having such troubles with your client. Unfortunately, your final draft seems to not reflect many of the issues we discussed in class and is also missing a number of features that were required in the assignment (e.g., linked style sheet, a directory structure, no database connectivity, downloadable document, etc.).  Also contains typos and other grammatical errors. Your project report was concise, although the risks section could have been more descriptive.

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