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Week 1

January 31: Introduction
February 2: HTML Overview
Labs: HTML Review Lab (Lab 1)
Readings: Chapter 1 in Designing Web Usability; Sample Webmaster Job Description; HTML 4.01 Specification, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (sections 3.1 and 3.2)

Week 2

February 7: Internetworking (MS Powerpoint 97, 197 KB)
Feburary 9: Short Lecture (Troubleshooting), then lab time for Lab 1, Lab 2, and CBT reading assignment Internetworking: Essentials (see CBT information).
Labs: Network Lab (Lab 2)
Readings: Introduction to TCP/IP, CBT assignment -- Internetworking: Essentials. Work through the "Internetworking Architecture" chapters, focusing on general concepts as discussed in class. (See CBT information)

Week 3

February 14: HTTP ProtocolPage Design 1 (MS PowerPoint 97, 50KB)
February 16:  Page Design 1, Site Design 1, Lab 3
Labs: Page Design Lab (Lab 3)
Readings: Chapter 2 in Designing Web Usability, Dynamic vs. Fixed: A Proposal for Peace at the Table

Week 4

February 21: FrontPage Introduction
February 23: More FrontPage Introduction, Lab 4
Labs: FrontPage Introduction Lab (Lab 4)
Readings: Work through one of these FrontPage 2000 tutorials: Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Tutorial , or In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 ; begin reviewing Page Design Best Practices
Team Project Proposals due on Wednesday, February 23

Week 5

February 28: FrontPage Advanced Features, Page Design Best Practices
March 1: FrontPage Advanced Features Lab (Lab 5)
Labs: Intranet Creation Lab (Lab 5)
Readings: Chapter 5 in Designing Web Usability

Week 6

March 6: Page Design Best Practices, Site Design 2
March 8: Site Design 2, Intranet Creation Lab (Lab 6)
Labs: Intranet Creation Lab (Lab 6)
Readings: Chapter 4 in Designing Web Usability

Week 7

March 13: Project Management 1
March 15: Project Management 2
Labs: None
Readings: Chapter 3 in Designing Web Usability, Ballet School Project Documentation (read in preparation for March 20 in-class lab)

Week 8 

March 20: Project Management In-class Lab (make sure you attend and do the advance reading [see Week 7])
March 22: Cascading Style Sheets - Introduction/Review
Labs: Site Design and CSS Lab (Lab 7)
Readings: CSS 1 Specification [Sections 1-3, browse through section 5]

Week 9

March 27: Cascading Style Sheets - Introduction/Review   [revised]
March 29: Cascading Style Sheets, Part II - Best Practices/Advanced Concepts
Labs: Site Design and CSS Lab (Lab 7)
Readings: None

Week 10

April 3: MIDTERM EXAM, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
April 5: Web Hosting
Labs: Web Hosting Lab (Lab 8)
Reading: Get the Most of a Web Host (skim)

Week 11

April 10: Web Hosting
April 12: Web Statistics and Lab 9
Labs: Web Statistics Lab (Lab 9)
Reading: and
Site Project Report due on April 10th.

Spring Break

Week 12

April 24: Web Statistics (review) and Demonstration; Search Engines
April 26: Search Engines; Lab 9; Lab 10
Labs: Using Microsoft Index Server as a Search Engine (Lab 10)
Readings: Read at least these portions of Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers: SET Home Page, META Tags, and General Notes ; The Web Robots FAQ

Week 13

May 1: Flash Overview
May 3: IIS Overview
Labs: Webserver Purchasing Lab (Lab 11) and Optional Extra Credit Lab 12
Readings: ZDNet review of popular webservers; Optimizing Animated GIFs

Week 14

May 8 and 10: Team Project Presentations and Peer Evaluations (sample evaluation form)
Reading: None
Labs: None

Week 15

May 15: E-Commerce Introduction
May 17: Miscellaneous Topics
Labs: None
Readings: None 

Finals Week

May 22: Final Exam, 5:30-7:00 p.m.

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